Garter Carriage Blanket #1 – KH970

28 Mar

kh970 kh 95 garter carriage blanket

I’ve been wanting to make a blanket with a border for some time.  Unfortunately, I don’t have Designaknit or an E6000 which might automate this process for me.

I do have a KH970 though and for sometime have not been using it to it’s potential.  There is such a learning curve to this machine but with a bit of time and concentration, it really is worth the effort because it can do amazing things once you learn how to navigate the CB1.

For this blanket, I wanted to do a moss stitch border and I chose stitch pattern #423 from Stitch World book 3.

So the first thing I did was 10rows of moss stitch using my KG95 garter carriage.

So to create the main part of the blanket I wanted to do moss stitch border<main stitchpattern>moss stitch border.  This meant I had to enter the pattern as 3 motifs.

The thing with motifs on the KH970 is that the first one has to be the tallest. The main stitch pattern is 22sts and 34 rows So I made a new stitch pattern and made it taller than 34 rows.  I think about 36 rows.

Using the CB1 I entered the moss stitch motif I made (10sts by 36 rows). I placed this pattern from L-98-L89. one repeat.

Next up motif #2.  I chose pattern #423 and chose to repeat it 8 times from L88-R88

Motif #3, Moss stitch motif again.  In my machine it was stitch pattern #960.  R-89-R98

I did 400 rows of this pattern and then finished with all moss stitch at the top,

I learned a lot from this pattern.  The main thing being that I need to alter my moss stitch motif to an odd number because when I change to section two it starts again with the same row as the row beneath it which means it’s not a perfect continuation of the pattern.

I also need to do more rows of moss stitch at the top and bottom.

I used Bramwell 4 ply for this project.  I hate the colour and it’s pretty cheapy but great for stuff like this.


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Posted by on March 28, 2013 in Machine Knitting


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