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A hat and ball

I finished a hat a few days ago and I love it!  I made it to go with the toggles on my new coat.

Then I finished up this little ball for the cats.



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Where’s Fluffy…?

Fluffy loves finding new places to sit and he has absolutely no concept of how big he actually is.  We think he’s been crossed with a border collie somewhere in his lineage.

Fluffy on u100

Fluffy uses the U100 to rest on,

This chair is in use!

Fluffy squeezes himself into a plant pot

Don’t put me in the washing machine!

You can’t see me.

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You may remember I going to adopt Summer from the RSPCA but she has had some complications and so I decided to get another cat that has been waiting a long time for a new home, Tinkerbell!  She is a dark Tortie and is about 4 years old.  She’s a bit plump and should be on a diet but now she’s here and will be playing out I’m sure the weight will soon drop off.



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Welcome Quincy

I was reading the free paper the other day and noticed the Cat’s Protection were doing a homing show near where I live.  It was yesterday so I took my son along and this little beast caught my eye straight away!

He is about 2 years old, male and a domestic long hair.  He has been shaved due to his fur being very matted when he was taken into rescue and half of his whiskers are cut off.  But he is so very friendly and I have him installed in my bed/knitting room.  He has kept me up half the night playing with his mouse and going to the toilet in a very noisy manner!

I can’t wait till his fur grows back.

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RIP Kitty Wit.

Sadly, one of my cats Kitty Wit was found dead in a neigbours garden 2 days ago.  She had been missing 5 days and I’d just put up posters and dropped leaflets when she was found.  It was so sudden, she was only four and is greatly missed by all of us.  She is now resting in peace outside my window which is near to the end of my bed where she liked to sleep.

Here she is…

She was a great character with bags of personality.  We will miss her so much.

Today I went to the RSPCA to adopt another cat.  I always do this when I lose one because there are so many cats needing homes that I will always take another if I have space.

I have put my name down for a tortie kitten and her mother from this litter.

The good thing about this is that we won’t get either of them for a long while, which gives us time to get over Kitty Wit.  I’m pleased to give the Mother a home and taking a kitten for my children to love.

At the shelter they are asking for wool to make blankets so I offered my services to make the blankets and donate rather than just wool.  I shall get onto that this and next week.  My home visit for adopting the cats is on Monday so hopefully, I will have at least a couple to give the lady to take back.  Note, here in UK all yarn is refered to as ‘wool’.  I think what they really mean is acrylic that they can wash easy which won’t ruin.

The Mother cat is called ‘Summer’ which is funny because we adopted a cat called Summer from that shelter 10 years ago!  We still have her so the new Summer will have to have a change of name!



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Here are some pics of Banjo, our British Shorthair. He is about 2 years old now and has the sweetest nature ever.  I call him my ‘Man after midnight’ because he will often wake me up in the early hours by meowing in my face and padding.  He is really playful and will play with the kids for hours chasing them around while they unravel my balls of wool!

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