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Back to sewing

When I was at school I always wanted to be a textile artist. I loved playing on the sewing machines and my art teacher at the time gave me a sweet little sewing box which I still have somewhere.  I’m not sure what happened to the dream.  I guess life got in the way and I got too busy with babies/other hobbies.  Although I’ve had a sewing machine for years I’ve never really done much with it other than a few bags.  I spent the day yesterday making bunnies from a pattern from this blog and eventually changed the pattern slightly and came to realise how much fun it is designing your own patterns as opposed to just following someone else’s.

I don’t think I did a very good job on the faces so must try and improve my embroidery skills.  I read today that you should put your sewing needle to the most right position when doing seams close to the edge.   Yeah it makes sense.  So I will do that next time and see if I can do a better job. 

I really like the applique stitch I used to stitch the face pieces on. 


I’m definitely an improver on the machine.  Not a total beginner but I  have a way to go to learn new techniques and be a more neater sewer.


Anyway, here is the bag I made last week from the book.Sewn Spaces which I got from The Works for a cheap total of £2.99.  It even includes full size tissue patterns!  That said, I didn’t really like the bag pattern much and it got a bit fiddly doing the bottom end.  You have to close the bag on the external main fabric which was new to me and I had to learn the invisible closing stitch which my friend Paula at sewing group kindly taught me.  The fabric is Amy Butler I think! 

Back to being a textile artist, I have so many ideas but because I lack training in construction I get frustrated and held back.  I just bought this great book on Amazon and it looks awesome for learning how to make stuffed toys.  It’s separated into lessons and each one has projects and skills to learn.  Hopefully going to start it soon.

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Lots of Socks!

Yay, I have finally managed to make it through the passap sock pattern and have made some wearable socks! Oh Yeah!

Made on my beautiful Duo 80

I love Lorna’s Laces

2 pairs done with Rico Superba

I have done this pattern so many more times than I have socks.  I could do it in my sleep!

Look at all the yarn I have wound up and ready to go!

Next door is pretty close.  Could probably touch it if I hung out of the window…

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New Toy – Passap Duo 80

I just love this machine!  The thing I’ve most wanted to make since getting into machine knitting is socks and apparently the Passaps are the next best thing to a proper sock machine.  Not only that, they are pretty good at afghans and such too.

I put out an ad on Preloved and was contacted by a lady wanting to sell one for £150! Bargain!  I dispatched my husbeast to collect and I have been playing with it ever since.  It’s quite dificult to learn at first but no more than any other machine in my opinion.  I actually prefer it to my Brother machines now.  I love how I don’t need weights!  They are such a pain on the other machines.

Here is the machine.  I should think of a name for it really.

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So I bought another knitting machine…  It’s a Toyota KS950 and it has the KR506 Ribber.  It came with a colour changer, stand and some other bits.  It’s rusty as hell and has taken me all week to clean the rust and guff off the needles.  I haven’t got round to cleaning the rest of it yet but it works, just.  I’ll get a pic of it when I’ve set it up.

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The Bad Weekend

It’s the ‘bad weekend’ this week.  This means that we don’t get much in the way of childcare for our autistic son but we are muddling through so far with no major incidents.  I’ve so far managed to clean up my sewing area, empty all the bins and feed the children; twice.  A good start!

Stash down not going brilliantly well so far.  In an endeavor to use up some lovely Katia Azteca to make a man scarf, I’ve had to rip it back half a dozen times when I decide ‘it’s not wide enough’,’ it’s too wide’ and now ‘it goes too narrow in this rib pattern


So I think I’m going to rip it out again and try again with another pattern.

Yesterday I managed to get a bit of sewing done and some more bits on my Artfire Shop.  No sales yet, but I’m not expecting any for the time being.  I’m concentrating on stocking it up before I go all out on the marketing.

Snappy  Wallet – I’m a bit obsessed with Amy Butler Fabrics at the moment!

I just wish HobbyCraft would sell them a bit cheaper!

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