WW- Week 1 and 2

Last week I was a bit disapointed at weigh in because I had only lost a pound.  I know it’s going in the right direction and all that stuff but I’d done 5 days of walking for an hour and had kept to my points.

This week I lost 2lbs which is much better but even so, I thought maybe I deserved a little more.  Not sure why because I did ZERO exercise last week due to the heat.  Damn it.

Yesterday was Day 1 of the famous 30 Day Shred.  That woman as an evil torturess for sure!  Today I did the second day and I think I might leave it for a while as I don’t think it’s doing my knees any favours at all!

This week I’m going to try and use no weeklies and see what happens.  Sneaky peak already shows me just over 2lbs down from Thursday morning weigh in so we will see!

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Weigh in – Week 1

The cheap £7 scales my partner had bought me hadn’t shifted all week so I went to my weigh in skeptical of any weight loss at all as well as the diet itself.  I was so delighted to be told I’d lost 5lbs!  Amazing! I’m down to 39 points a day!

Unfortunately I dropped my pedometer in the toilet and didn’t really fancy buying another at nearly £17!  So I downloaded this great app to my phone.  It’s called Cardio Trainer and it tracks you by GPS and tells you how fast you went and how many calories burned.  Much better than the WW pedometer!

Week 1 – All daily points eaten.

44 weekly points eaten

21 AP’s earned – 0 eaten.

Loss this week 5lbs  – Total loss 5lbs.

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Weight Watching

I was nearly sick as I caught myself in the mirror the other day.  I don’t recognise this massive person!  A new app on my phone looked promising and it had a website too but myfitnesspal just wasn’t going to work and so on Thursday morning I found myself back at Weight Watchers.  I recognised  some faces and the leader is the same as always.  I think she has put on weight though and I don’t like to sound nasty but she is much bigger than most of her customers and I think that’s a bit weird really.

Anyway, I’d called in to my friends and dragged her along with me.  She was horrified to have put on a stone since last time.  I had to tell her to shut her face as I’d found out I was 4 stones heaver than her at 18st 1lb!  I was expecting it really.  Last time I was there I was about 17st 10.  I really want to at least get back to a size 18 as I have many nice clothes in that size.  At the moment I am wearing size 24 jeans from Asda.  I have tons of nice clothes from Monsoon and Per Una that I’ve had to put in the loft to get them out of my sight.

I’m on 40 points a day which is not too dificult at the moment.  I’m bulking things out with free veg, salad etc.  Today is Day 3 and I think I’m undergoing some sort of detox as I feel rather weak and have spent a lot of time in the bathroom today.  Both numbers!  So I’m just relaxing and trying not to push it.  I think I’ll wait to do any more exercise than walking because so often I push myself too hard too fast and it’s too much.  I’m going to just do some walking for now when I feel up to it and concentrate on my food.

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You may remember I going to adopt Summer from the RSPCA but she has had some complications and so I decided to get another cat that has been waiting a long time for a new home, Tinkerbell!  She is a dark Tortie and is about 4 years old.  She’s a bit plump and should be on a diet but now she’s here and will be playing out I’m sure the weight will soon drop off.



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Welcome Quincy

I was reading the free paper the other day and noticed the Cat’s Protection were doing a homing show near where I live.  It was yesterday so I took my son along and this little beast caught my eye straight away!

He is about 2 years old, male and a domestic long hair.  He has been shaved due to his fur being very matted when he was taken into rescue and half of his whiskers are cut off.  But he is so very friendly and I have him installed in my bed/knitting room.  He has kept me up half the night playing with his mouse and going to the toilet in a very noisy manner!

I can’t wait till his fur grows back.

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March Finished Objects

Machine Knitting

Had a busy month on the Passap!  I got 3 pairs of socks done.

Passap Socks

Passap Socks

Pet blanket on my KH260.  Full bed with a crochet edging.

Hand Knitting

Lovely hat/neckwarmer.  I handknitted this in a bamboo blend but MK the icord.

Tofu – Cute little doggy for nobody in particular.

Green Hurricane Hat

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